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Listed among the largest technology companies of the world, the operations of Vestel, which were started in 1984, continue under Zorlu Holding since 1994. With a total of 26 companies of which 16 are outside Turkey, Vestel Group of Companies offers a wide range of products from consumer electronics to white goods, and digital products to information technologies. Providing service throughout Turkey with 1.250 sales points, Vestel aimed meeting the need in the market by highlighting different aspects of the product rather than showing the price advantage and basic features during the air conditioner sales campaign period in order to show that it is a brand which cares about the consumers’ needs and generates solutions to these needs.

Esra Nadar, Senior Media Planning Manager, Vestel

While it is difficult to create differentiation points in the communication of products with similar features in the sector, paying attention to the needs of the consumers, in addition to the priorities of brand, ensures that the communication strategy is built correctly. We see that our real-time marketing action is an initiative that adds a high value to both sales and brand perception.







Considering the market dynamics, Vestel was carrying out its intensive communication during the summer season as the demand to the air conditioners is higher and thus the market grows during the summer period. In order to differentiate Vestel air conditioners in the market, it was required to go beyond the basic heating-cooling function of air conditioner and bring to the forefront the technological features of the product that make life easier for the consumer in line with the brand’s main marketing strategy.


During this period when the search volume was high periodically and the competitor brands were intensively running air conditioner campaigns, Vestel thought it had to listen to the consumer's needs in order to distinguish its air conditioners from the others. As a result of the analysis carried out on social media, the brand noticed that the main problem stated by the consumers for the summer of 2018 was the high humidity rather than high temperature. Vestel decided to focus on “dehumidification function” in the communication related to the technological features of its air conditioner models, and to communicate the message to the right person in the right place and at the right time. The main message of the brand's communication for 2018 was the introduction of Wi-Fi feature of air conditioners, while real-time marketing was used in the areas where people mentioned about humidity problem more.


In order to reach out to the uses at the areas with high humidity rate, along with its agency SEM, Vestel chose to use Google Ads and concentrated on Search Network ads. They ran the campaign dynamically using the scripts supported by the Google Ads. A software was developed to automatically intervene with the Google Ads Search campaigns over the “humidity rate” with the data captured through scripts.


Dehumidifying air conditioner by Vestel

We focused on 3 different situations through this script. Cities with a humidity rate of 40-60%, 61-74% and more than 75%, as well as the humidity rates in all the cities were checked with this script during the day. For each case, the system ran location-based instant bid update in the Google Ads system. In places with high humidity, it was aimed to be more visible to the users with the “Dehumidification Feature of Vestel Air Conditioners”.


SEM Senior Account Manager Oğuz Kansoy: “Humidity rates were changing 24 hours a day in 81 cities. The important thing in here was to reach out to the users who were searching for air conditioner at the right time and at the right city. Considering the changes in humidity rate in several cities, we decided to automate the management of these campaigns. At this point, with the support of our software team, the use of script provided by Google Ads has allowed us to achieve our goal.”


Compared to the prior year period, a 50% increase was seen in the clickthrough rate in air conditioner searches related to Vestel. Vestel also achieved 11,5% growth in offline sales compared to the previous year. Keeping the right insight by better following the consumer's need, Vestel took a fast action and managed to appear on the screen at the right time.

Vestel increased its air conditioner sales by 11% by taking advantage of the automated bid strategy in Google Ads.