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Our Success Stories

Turkish Airlines

In November 2013, management of the Turkish Airlines AdWords account was transferred to the SEM team. The quality and performance of the account have been significantly increased with the strategic planning and setups.

Cengiz Değirmenci - Online Sales and Marketing Manager

The primary purpose of the SEM team was to create campaigns that were tailored to the Google AdWords guidelines, with a quality score in mind. The important points taken into account while creating these campaigns were seasonal ticket sales trends, location targets, Google Analytics data, and country-based annual activities. In the light of this data, we started to show the ads at the right time and place to the users which we would get the most effective feedback. With the regular optimizations, expansions and maximizations performed afterwards, we have witnessed the increase of ROI, Revenue and Google AdWords sales in overall online sales.

As a result of the coordinated efforts of Google and the SEM team, we are showing the ads in more than 100 countries on 10 different languages, including the local campaigns. Promotional priced ads based on users' locations are automatically showed through the software improvements made by the SEM team. SEM receives 100% support for the optimization the campaigns in local language by using its global advertising agency identity. In addition to this, we use every new product developed for the Google search network much more quickly thanks to SEM, and we are getting ahead of the game against our competitors in terms of ad quality.

With the guidance of SEM on Google AdWords and conversion optimization, we've been able to get higher returns with less ad spending on average compared to 2013. We've also seen significant increases in the number of new users thanks to Real-Time-Bidding strategies supporting the search engine ads. And in addition to this, with the user segmentations and specific display ads on Dynamic Remarketing ads, we have become one of the first airline companies to use this type of ad in the EMEA region, and we have also contributed significantly to overall ticket sales.

Selected as the airline of Europe for the fourth time consecutively, Turkish Airlines continues with its rise in digital channels.