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Our Success Stories


Established in 1995, Tekzen is the first and most common DIY market of Turkey with hundred percent domestic capital. The brand started its online presence in 2006 with www.tekzen.com.tr, and as of 2016, it offers cargo service to all locations in Turkey with more than 100,000 kinds of products in its e-commerce site.

Tekzen E-Commerce Manager Celal Bal

On the challenging path we took with SEM, we achieved results befitting Tekzen as both our Digital Marketing team and Software team and SEM's SEO team did their best and worked diligently. Depending on this success, we raised our targets higher.

Closely following the developments in offline and online with its innovative approach, Tekzen has decided to migrate its site, which it was using a different subdomain according to the devices, into a "responsive" structure during the last quarter of 2016. While this decision was taken, as SEM SEO department, we supported in migrating the sites, which were under a different subdomain according to the devices, into a "responsive" structure. The areas we have taken into account while performing our research were:

We targeted a healthy site migration period without any loss by supporting the brand since the beginning of the process.

We carefully planned the works for carrying out the site migration process in the healthiest way by being on brand's side at the period when the decision was first taken. After the migration of site, we continued with the checks and improvements, and further increased the quality of migration process, which was already carried out without any loss.

The expectation during the site migration period is usually completing the work with any loss or with minimal loss. In addition to the works carried out with the brand, we also focused on how we can increase the momentum. We have implemented the road maps we have created to plan the process in accordance with the SEO, to perform checks in the test environment and to support the Tekzen team.

The most important headings from the road maps we implemented are:

The successful works carried out with the Tekzen e-commerce digital marketing team also showed themselves at organic conversion rates. 6-month organic conversion rates have increased with a strong momentum by 59% compared to the previous period and 76% compared to the previous year.

The organic market share, which was around 4% before the site migration, is around 10% at the end of the 6-month period. We see the most reliable results of this when we compare the SEO Visibility values. Ranking behind two major competitors when the SEO Visibility values with competitor comparison at the beginning of the project are analyzed, the visibility of tekzen.com.tr has increased by 125% at the end of 6-month period. And, thus, tekzen.com.tr has outdistanced its competitors. Tekzen.com.tr continues with its rise following the works carried out.