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Our Success Stories


TatilBudur is an organization which has presence in online in addition to the services provided in offline, launched several firsts in the Turkish tourism and adopted it as a mission to offer service targeting customer satisfaction to both individual and mass tourism fields by integrating its booking system to the website.

Sr. Digital Marketing Manager Ali Deniz Ergün

The SEO team of SEMTR had a great contribution to seamless completion of the SEO part of a multi-layered, detailed and risky work such as migrating to a responsive site. With the performance increase in organic traffic, conversion and revenue, once again we witnessed the added value created by working with them.


The target at the time when TatilBudur started to work with SEM's SEO department was increasing the visibility of the site on all devices, and creating an increase in traffic. The main target was converting the incoming traffic into business. 

At the time the company started to work with SEM's SEO department, the priority was increasing the organic traffic, which was showing seasonal variability, and receiving traffic to site focusing on conversion. The lacking main SEO elements of the site were identified and actions were taken.

After the initial analysis and improvements, when it was time for switching into a responsive structure rather than offering a different site depending to the devices, the period with less interaction in the tourism sector was selected in the road map prepared at the beginning. The planned work was a complete change of the URL in the mobile part, in other words switching from subdomain structure to a "responsive" structure.


After research and analysis conducted, the fact that TatilBudur's offering different sites depending to the devices showed that Google was having trouble in scanning the sites. Accordingly, it was found out that there is a potential to rank higher in Google searches. 

As the second main factor, it was analyzed that the users want to see the same site layout both on mobile and desktop sites.


It was targeted to switch the subdomain type site into a "responsive" structure by pairing the mobile site URLs with the newly created URL structure. By setting a routing rule for the mobile version, all routing situations that occurred on the mobile site were configured correctly. The test site was controlled and it was focused on getting a zero margin of error.

The adjustments, which were made after the URL routings correctly ran in the test site, were applied to the live site and both real time traffic and traffic and keyword ranks, based on the user behaviors from prior year period, were tracked.

After this major change in mobile version, Google's adoption of the new TatilBudur.com structure was closely followed. Both the data received from the Search Console and Google Analytics was analyzed and the change in Google rankings were carefully examined, and care was given for taking instant action. In addition to the responsibility of the persons providing SEO service regarding the works mentioned here, these were the actions that should be adopted and prioritized by the brand. Even in the slightest revisions, TatilBudur marketing team has acted by always prioritizing SEO and made a significant contribution to highest efficiency for this period.


TatilBudur.com serves in market where the traffic development should be examined seasonally. At this point, it is seen that there is approximately 39% increase in organic traffic when the process after the migration of site is compared with the prior year period. In addition to this, 42% increase in the rate of new users arriving with organic traffic shows that TatilBudur.com has reached out to wider masses.

It should also be noted that the rate of conversions based on the organic traffic achieved based on the fact is also important. When the process after site's migration is compared with the prior year period, TatilBudur's organic transactions have increased by 50% in quantity, and the revenue from organic traffic has increased by 87%.