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Our Success Stories


Turkcell Superonline is the first telecommunication operator offering access to internet at speeds up to 1000 Mbps to homes in Turkey. They cooperated with SEM in order to increase the awareness for the "Net Fiyat, Tek Fiyat 49 TL" (Net Price, Single Price 49 TL) campaign, and achieved a significant reach.

Doğan Kurt - Digital and Interactive Media Brand Manager

It is very important for us to be able to make targeted ads and to use the digital correctly. Within the scope of KPIs we have established, SEM has created a project in Google where we had a high reach by using the GDN, YouTube and Mobile campaigns. We observed a significant increase in the searches towards Turkcell Superonline through the high rating with low costs of advertising films for our "Net Fiyat, Tek Fiyat" (Net Price, Single Price) campaign. Revealing the strength of our brand and campaign with a measurable plan, SEM contributed significantly in delivering our message correctly to our target group.

Net Price, Single Price Campaign Strategy

Turkcell Superonline February shot two advertising films featuring Sabri Sarıoğlu and Özkan Uğur for "Net Fiyat, Tek Fiyat 49 TL" (Net Price, Single Price 49 TL) campaign. SEM has prepared the setup, mainly GDN, by taking the internet usage rate of the target group into account. Masthead and in-stream ads were broadcast on YouTube, and video lightbox formats were used.

Turkcell Superonline Campaign Success with Numbers

Fields of interest and topic targets were established for the target group of Turkcell Superonline on YouTube Masthead, YouTube Mobile and GDN. Within three weeks, total 115,100,624 views and 9,144,033 watches were achieved in YouTube Masthead, YouTube in-stream and GDN video lightboxes. In the pre-roll campaign only, the rate of people watching the entire video was 21% and the cost of watching was 0.03 TL per person. The cost of watching for only the engagement ads was 4 Turkish cents per person, with a watching rate of 7.87%.

After the ads posted on the internet, Turkcell Superonline's search volume has increased by 30%.