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Our Success Stories

It was established in 2001 under iLab Holding as Turkey's first online insurance and reinsurance brokerage company. offers online comparison for the products of 20 insurance companies.

Sevil Mert - Chief Marketing Officer

As we spend a significant part of our annual marketing budget at AdWords campaigns, the need for constant optimization and the use of new features become inevitable. AdWords is the most effective channel of ours that creates high quality conversions at the costs we want. Lowering our costs while increasing the conversion quantities and rates is our main goal. We maintain optimal conversion/cost balance by constantly optimizing with the SEM's team of experts and expanding our campaigns in a controlled way also using the new features of AdWords.

AdWords Strategy receives consultancy services from SEM, which they trust in their expertise, since February 2011 for the management of Google AdWords campaigns. SEM carries out the creation, account setup and tacking of Google AdWords campaign strategies for SEM endeavors to increase conversion rates and reduce costs through regular optimization efforts with Google AdWords' conversion tracking feature. Click-to-Call extensions are used in the campaigns to target those who try to reach's Call Center via mobile devices. The Sitelinks feature is used to increase visibility on the Google Search Network.

Returns of Focusing on Conversion

Working with SEM, succeeded in keeping conversion costs below the desired levels, and has increased its conversion rate by 14% in February-June 2011 with the AdWords campaigns reaching the target group. In the campaigns that used the Click-to-Call feature in a short period of time of 7 weeks, has received 2,855 phone calls from mobile devices to the call center. followed the calls to the call center and applications to the application form in real time with AdWords Conversion Tracking feature. reduced its annual marketing spending by one-third after moving from other advertising channels to AdWords, and still increased the customer acquisition and sales turnover rate.

Returns of Focusing on Conversion