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Our Success Stories


Using the Smart Bidding Strategy for store visits, MediaMarkt Turkey has increased its omnichannel revenue by 113%.

-Selçuk Kaya, Digital Marketing Manager, MediaMarkt Turkey

“By combining online and offline results, we achieved better results as we could take into account the omnichannel ROI aspect in the planning and monitoring stages of our digital marketing activities.”

When the shopping experience of customers was examined, MediaMarkt noticed that several people search the product online, but they complete the purchase at the store. It was very important for MediaMarkt to establish a bridge between online and offline channels in order to evaluate the revenue from advertising expenditures. To do this, they had to take advantage of a bidding solution that enabled both online and offline value optimization.

MediaMarkt Digital Marketing Manager Selçuk Kaya says, "MediaMarkt Turkey’s growth strategy focuses on increasing both the online traffic and the store traffic. With Google, we are able to measure not only our online sales, but also our store traffic at the campaign level. Thus, the impact of our digital advertising investments on store visits and sales has become visible.”

The brand first identified the value of store visits, and then embarked on to test the Smart Bidding in selected campaigns to optimize the total omnichannel revenue. Company also tested the target ROAS Smart Bidding, which aims actual searches through ads by using the content on its website in one of its Dynamic Search Ads campaigns.

Campaigns, which offer the bid to omnichannel ROAS, have outperformed those which offer only online conversion, and also increased the store visits and the omnichannel revenue. Revenue from omnichannel advertising expenditures increased by 17% and omnichannel revenue increased by 113%. In addition to this, MediaMarkt increased its store visits by 211%. The brand plans to pursue a omni-channel approach for the other campaign bids in the future. Regarding the future plans, Account Director Buğra Özden from SEM, the brand's campaign agency, says, “Thanks to this technology, we have observed significant increases in both physical store visits and omni-channel ROAS. We plan to apply this approach also to the other campaigns.”

Founded in Germany, MediaMarkt now has hundreds of branches in Europe and Asia. The company, which is the European market leaders, is the world’s second largest retail consumer electronics chain after the Best Buy from the United Stated.