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With a total of 71 stores in Turkey, MediaMarkt has a wide product range related to consumer electronics from computers to smartphones, small appliances to personal care, and white goods to television. Offering more than 50 thousand types of products at its physical stores and more than 9 thousand types of products on its online sales channel, MediaMarkt wanted to increase both its online and offline sales during the Black Friday period.

Selçuk Kaya, Digital Marketing Manager, MediaMarkt

Black Friday is a where the competition is at peak level in terms of consumer expectations. During the campaigns with SEM we organized in Google platforms, we broke a record in both stores and website sales with the right customer, right product and right channel planning.


Increase its online and offline sales during the Black Friday period


Detailed user segmentation was made based on the campaign product list

The advertising channel for reaching out to the segmented users was determined specifically.

Search Ads 360, Display & Video 360 channels were used.


3-fold increase in total turnover

20% increase in the store and 10% increase in the online in average spending per person

166% increase in conversion rate

Increasing the number of its stores by 1,5 times and its turnover by 2 times during the last two years, MediaMarkt had a 30% increase in online. Aiming to provide an end-to-end uninterrupted multi-channel service and ensure that all functions related to the customers are integrated, the brand wanted to gain momentum in both online and offline sales channels on the Black Friday, one of the most important shopping days of the year.

Anticipating that the competition level would increase in digital advertising channels during this period, MediaMarkt decided to prepare a campaign plan in which the users are segmented after analyzing all the user data and the right message would be delivered in the right channels.

Together with its media agency SEM, MediaMarkt created a comprehensive study in several channels of Google including Search Ads 360, Video Ads 360, and Display Ads 360 around the message “You can find the product you want for the best price in MediaMarkt!”. All the users who searched or compared products in digital and then decided to buy from the online or offline stores during the Black Day period were determined as the target group.

All the user data of MediaMarkt was analyzed and two separate groups were created as users who had previously bought from MediaMarkt and users who had never bought from MediaMarkt. After that, breakdowns were created based on the interests and behaviors of these users, and users in each breakdown were communication with specific offers and creative materials. Thus, the users have been segmented according to the product list set for the campaign, and the advertising channel to reach out to the segmented users was selected specifically.

Detailed and accurate user segmentation is the key to the campaign. With this critical step, both MediaMarkt and achieved the highest daily turnover of all times.

During the Black Friday campaign period, the average spending per person increased by 20% in the store and 10% in online. The number of visitors increased by 50% in the store and 139% in online. The average time spent on the website increased by 50%, and the conversion rate increased by 100%. Compared to the data from the Black Friday in 2017, as a result of targeting the relevant target group, it’s been observed that the conversion rate in search engine campaigns has increased by 2,6 times, the total number conversion has increased by 3,4 times, and the total turnover has increased by 3 times.

How did MediaMarkt achieve the highest daily turnover of all times during the Black Friday period?