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Our Success Stories


MediaMarkt was founded in Munich in 1979, and is a member of the retail giant MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group since 1988. It serves over 900 million visitors in 15 countries at 1016 stores with more than 65 thousand employees. The first store opened in Turkey had opened at Ümraniye, Istanbul in September 2007. There are total 66 MediaMarkt stores in Turkey.

Çağanur Atay Uçtu - Marketing & Corporate Communications Director

During this period where we celebrate our 10th anniversary in Turkey as MediaMarkt, we have taken great steps in every area to achieve our goal to be the market leader. We have increased the number of our stores by 50 percent during the last 2 years, and have supported this with the investments we made in digital. We have optimized our Google investments to clearly measure the impact of digital investments on physical stores and to increase store traffic. We would like to thank SEM and the Google family for their support in this process as our close partners.

Aiming to demonstrate that the advertising investments in digital support not only the e-commerce sites, but also the stores, the MediaMarkt & SEM business association has also added the rate for number of visits directed to the stores and number of actual visits to the stores to its digital performance targets. 
Accordingly, in addition to the existing advertising campaigns, ads were posted through the Google Display Network with images that would direct the users only to the store. This has targeted the users who have visited during the last 7 days, spent minimum 180 seconds in the site and did not make any purchase. In addition to this, users interested with competitors of MediaMarkt in Turkey were also targeted, and these users were directed to the store address page.

By applying the "Bid by Distance" targeting model in the designated search and display ad models, ads were displayed in higher positions with bidding strategies customized to the users who are located at 1 to 5 km to any MediaMarkt store and the users were directly sent to the relevant store's page.

With Google's measurement methods (GPS and store Wi-Fi signals, and Beacon technologies, if available), it was measured whether the users, who clicked the search and display ads and also watched the video ads, visit the store later on. The realized turnover has also been estimated with the store conversion rate and store average basket amount taken by MediaMarkt.

Considering the figures from September 22, when we started with the measurement, to December 31, there are total 742.800 "Store Visits", while the "Store Visit Rate" was 5,02%. The estimated store turnover amount was 86% above the e-commerce turnover.

Store Visit has been an important metric for measuring the true influence of video advertising on YouTube on the sales. 
From September 10, when the Store Visit metric has started to be measured on YouTube, to December 31, 127.700 Store Visits have been realized, and the estimated store turnover has been 18 times more than the e-commerce turnover.

There was also a 10,51% increase in click-through rate with bid-by-distance optimizations before and after using Store Visit metric in search engine ads. As a result of all these, the total number of visitors to MediaMarkt stores at the respective dates has increased by 13,1% compared to the last year. In addition to this, there was an increase of 31,5% in the store turnover compared to the last year. This is an indicator that the traffic quality directed to the store has increased.

MediaMarkt has increased the store visit rate by 13,1% with O2O campaign