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Media Markt

MediaMarkt, a member of the MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group founded in 1979, offers a broad range of consumer electronics products from computers to smartphones, small household appliances to personal care products, and white goods to televisions to its customers at more than 850 stores in 14 countries. The retail chain entered the Turkish market in 2007 and today, it has 71 stores all around the country, as well as store in online.

- Çağanur Atay Uçtu, MediaMarkt Turkey Executive Committee Member, Marketing and Corporate Communication Director

“We believe that giving the right messages in the product search of the user will create a correct perception in terms of “product and service diversity“. This contributes to our journey in becoming the first brand that comes to mind in the technology shopping where we proceed with firm steps.”


Increasing its ROI



Offering thousands of products to its consumers at both physical stores and online sales channel, the brand focuses on high-tech products and continues to strengthen its services every day with the aim of providing the best experience.  MediaMarkt increased the number of its stores by 50% and achieved a growth of 30% in online during the last two years, and wanted to use the Inventory Management feature of Search Ads 360 for organizing the categories in the product feed in order to use them most effectively and obtaining maximum efficiency.

The main goal of the brand was to maximize the quality score and to display the ad with the best message in the product search of the users, who have reached to the final step of purchase and decided on which product to purchase, and thereby to make MediaMarkt the indispensable address of consumers. Together with its agency SEM, MediaMarkt  created a campaign setup with the message “The product you want is available at MediaMarkt, and with the advantages of MediaMarkt offering uncompetitive prices and best services”. MediaMarkt wanted to solve the problems in the product feed caused by the fact that the information submitted in the product name column was well above the character limit.

MediaMarkt Turkey CMO Çağanur Atay Uçtu says, “By using the most up-to-date advertising technologies as MediaMarkt, we aim delivering an appropriate message to our customers, as well as optimizing our advertising investments. The setup created for product searches enables us to manage this work, which requires a high cost, in a highly efficient way.”

As there are scenarios where details such as stock and price can change more than once during the day depending on the sectoral dynamics, it was very important for the brand to provide the correct information to the user in the steps closest to the purchase. Therefore, MediaMarkt decided to pursue a strategy that includes an entire user journey in search engine advertising from the most generic consumer electronics search to various product searches.


A search campaign structure was established based on the users performing product search and generic search. Merchant Center Feed was activated in Search Ads 360 interface in order to create this structure automatically and to change all campaign, ad group, keyword and ad structure texts dynamically in real time based on data. As a result of a detailed feed analysis, templates were created for automatically creating, stopping and removing the campaigns according to product description, detail, price, stock status and different variables, and managing the entire structure in real time. In addition to the continuously active campaigns, different templates were added to automatically create and manage campaigns for hourly and daily promotions and to stop the campaigns when the relevant period is over.

As a result of the campaign, 7% increase in click-through rate, 12% increase in conversion rate and 41% increase in ROI were achieved compared to the previous period. There was also a 43% reduction in the cost per conversion. MediaMarkt has further strengthened the steps it has taken towards its main goal to offer an end-to-end uninterrupted multi-channel service and to ensure all the functions relevant to the customers run as integrated.


MediaMarkt increased its ROI by 41% with Search Ads 360 campaign