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Our Success Stories


As SEM, we have increased the revenue of Markafoni, one of the largest e-commerce sites of Turkey, from non-brand ad spending by 352% by using 360 Google Analytics, AdWords and internal CRM data!

Digital Marketing Manager Alican Ertem

Markafoni Group Digital Marketing Manager Alican Ertem; "We have a long-term, successful business partnership with SEM. Marketing approaches based on data perfectly fits the marketing culture of Markafoni. Working with SEM, we used both Google Analytics 360 and the new Google AdWords reporting interface to collect and analyze campaign data. The new AdWords reporting interface and the unique reporting feature of Google Analytics 360 helped us to analyze the performance effectively."

With over 7 million registered users, Markafoni noticed the opportunity to use its user base in the Search Network campaign targeting strategy. In a detailed effort, Markafoni's CRM segments were transferred to Google Analytics 360 to create remarketing segments.

On the AdWords side, each CRM segment created were targeted with customized ads and custom bidding strategies.

Markafoni's CRM segments showed a significantly better performance than the non-targeted campaigns. In non-branded search ads, the clickthrough rate has increased by 49%.

The revenue of Markafoni, posting ads targeting the mass with higher interest, from non-branded advertising spending has increased by 352% compared to non-targeted campaigns.

In addition to this, although the bidding optimization in different segments has increased the non-branded click-through costs by 163%, the non-branded conversion rate has increased by 986% compared to non-targeted campaigns. And this led to an overall decrease of 76% in the cost of non-branded acquisition.

Markafoni's revenue from non-branded ad spending has increased by 352%