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Our Success Stories

L'OREAL Saç Sırları

Working with L’Oreal Turkey since Q1 2016 in SEO, Analytics, Adwords, Programmatic, Social Media and UX Conversion Optimization, SEM also manages the entire digital media budget of the brand. The conversion and search engine optimization efforts carried out by SEM for sacsirlari.com, launched by L’Oreal and being one of the websites with the most extensive and qualified content on hair and cosmetics in Turkey, have turned into a remarkable success story.

Begüm Yanaşan, Senior Digital Project Manager, L’Oreal

As a result of the work we have done with VAPD and SEO teams at Sacsirlari.com, we have performed well above our expectations by increasing the organic traffic by 18 times in a year. During this process, we have determined our actions by observing the A/B testing, prototype testing, user tests/interviews and user experience on the site while identifying both the technical and content improvements following a detailed examination process. Our goal is to offer a rich, visualized and most recommended content containing comprehensive information not available at anywhere else for the question asked by the user, and we would like to thank the SEM team for their support and dedicated work which allowed us to achieve this goal in a very short period of time.


Due to limitations in the Saç Sırları website’s navigation and category tree, the Google bot could not reach the subcategories and could not get the important pages indexed.As the site menu structure was based on customization and largely running on JS technology, the queries ranked on the first page of Google results were consisted only of the words containing the brand’s name. High volume generic searches were lost due to URL structure, site infrastructure and crawl issues.


In order to be able to get ranking from the generic words and also to increase the organic visibility, the menu structure had to be completely SEO compliant and it was required to create static pages that properly responded to users’ search intent.

Accordingly, it was decided that to completely change the site’s infrastructure and category tree.


In order to be able to respond to search behaviors in the most accurate way, category-based content guides have been prepared and wireframes have been created by providing design support on how these guides should be presented to the user.

As a result of close and harmonious work carried out by SEM and L’Oreal CMO teams, data-driven outputs have been transformed into actions appropriate to the brand’s goals. Accordingly, L’Oreal Saç Sırları software company designed 2 different navigation menus, prioritizing the mobile platforms that make up 80% of the existing traffic.

It was the process of launching the category tree and navigation menus which the SEO and UX teams acted with the most intensive coordination.

The tests were conducted with 2 different prototype designs and 10 different users. Attempts were made to achieve the behavior types that are closest to real, with the utmost care being taken to ensure that all the work was carried out at the users’ homes, workplaces and places where they say “we often spend time / content consumption in here”.

At the end of the prototype tests, it was concluded that the design with highest SEO contribution is the most ideal version in terms of ease of use, and before it was published, the points which the users experienced a problem with / which needed to be improved have been identified on the existing site and prototypes.

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The following has been achieved as a result of digital works co-directed by L’Oreal and SEM;

The tests were conducted with 2 different prototype designs and 10 different users.