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Uniform content for everyone is outdated: How did L’Oréal make a difference by adopting a holistic approach?

Püren Güzel, Group Product Manager, L’Oréal Paris

In the first phase, YouTube helped the millennium generation to be aware of our brand; while in the second phase, it complemented our user journey approach based on consumer interactions and increased our influence on the people we reached.”

Customer-oriented marketing approach constitutes the basis of marketing activities today. Customer’s exact need, and their expectations and concerns are determined as a result of the studies carried out and these insights are expected to shed a light on the marketing activities. It is very unlikely that every campaign, which is prepared for the answer to several questions such as how they made the purchase decision and whether they have sufficient information about the product, would be unsuccessful compared to the competing campaigns that ignore these elements.

It is precisely at this point that YouTube has become one of the main players in digital investments, helping us to get to know the customer very closely with the data-driven marketing targets it offers. The success of the digital marketing activity comes to the forefront by analyzing the target group in today's norms and turning them into groups that are desired to be reached, capturing these groups with personalized content within the funnel, and seeing that the results overlap with the brand’s targets.

Instead of trying to reach the millennium generation, the target group, through traditional marketing methods, L’Oréal wanted to reach them by using digital marketing tools, to increase the sales, as well as to increase the brand visibility. There were two important product launches; L’Oréal Paris Casting Créme Gloss hair color and L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask.

As a result of the researches carried out, L’Oréal observed that the biggest motivation of the millennium consumer group is to have a brighter hair, but they are also afraid of losing the softness of their hair and having to dye their hair all the time. There was no product in the market for these expectations and barriers. Therefore, L’Oréal wanted to create a brand that would contribute to removing the barriers to hair coloring for the consumers who do not use hair color or use it less often, and created the Casting Crème Gloss.

Two communication campaigns were designed through YouTube to reach the key target group. The first campaign aimed to raise awareness, and the second campaign aimed to reach the millennium generation by using the power of digital and to bring new consumers to the new product category. The primary goal was to break down the barriers of the relevant target group with the guidance of L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador Hande Erçel. With the idea of “Nothing Can Stop You Now Hand”, Hande Erçel invited the millennium generation to overcome their hair coloring fears with the Casting Créme Gloss. The creative strategy of the campaign was developed and the campaign was optimized by targeting with personalized content for all the sub segments.

On the L'Oréal Paris Skin Care side, the target group was consisted of the people who want to look more beautiful with a clean, smooth and radiant skin, but do not have such a skin with the effects caused by makeup, nutrition habits and stress throughout the week and cannot achieve instant results with the products they have tried so far. Based on this, the main creative idea behind the campaign was to find the situations that created the need for “instant detox”. In choosing these situations, the life habits of the millennium generation were taken into consideration in order to generate better contents that could bring the brand closer to the target group.

But in more detail, which creatives were chosen at what stage?

- Awareness: While using local content to create mass awareness with Hande Erçel, global contents were adapted to YouTube dynamics such as branding, duration and attractiveness.

- Taking into consideration: Creatives at this stage were created based on the main idea of “makeup, malnutrition and stress” and the users were informed by explaining all the benefits of Pure Clay masks.

- Interaction: At this stage where it is aimed to interact with the millennium target group, applied product videos describing the product were used.

L’Oréal Paris, Maybelline New York and NYX Professional Makeup Social Media and Digital Communications Manager Can Direkli explains the role of YouTube in the campaign as follows; “The importance of YouTube is not only its ability to reach out to users, but also its unique ability to ensure that the message in videos that are tailored to the dynamics of the platform is delivered to the target group they want to interact with. In addition to this, the platform helps us creating different consumer campaigns through a wide range of products such as product differentiation, in-discovery, in-stream and bumper.”

The team used TrueView and Masthead in the Casting Créme Gloss campaign, and only TrueView in the Pure Clay campaign. Remarketing, similar target groups, in-market, demographic and geographical targeting were among the methods used in the campaign setup. YouTube’s Search Network and Programmatic platforms were also used.

About their approaches in all these stages, L’Oréal Paris Senior Product Officer Çiçek Karagöz says; “The Casting Crème Gloss campaign we launched on the L’Oréal Paris Hair Care side allowed us to better understand the needs and barriers of our consumers through all the stages. In this way, we had the opportunity to further increase the impact of our campaign by separating consumers into clearer groups in our second campaign.

In the Pure Clay campaign, we created the awareness phase that tested one local and two global creative copies where we had the opportunity to discover which dynamics have turned into high display rates, completion rates, and high ad recall rates.

Our personalized, as well as highly YouTube compliant contents, which allowed us to clearly target our consumers, had a great importance. In addition to our full funnel approach, we were able to touch the needs of consumers by using featured content at all stages of the campaign. We have turned the disadvantage of running a long-term campaign to educate consumers into an advantage as we see higher return on investment at each stage compared to our goal and current tests.”

On the L’Oréal Paris Hair Colors side, the ad recall rate has increased by 23% and the brand awareness rate has increased by 21% in just one month from the starting date of the campaign. In the Pure Clay campaign, the ad recall rate has increased by 36%, and the brand awareness rate has increased by 10%. Moreover, the interest to brand has increased by 56%, to product by more than nine times, and to YouTube ad elements by more than three times. In terms of sales results in the Pure Clay campaign, the highest market share was achieved in August 2017 and the sales volume has increased by more than 200% compared to July.

"The combination of the right targeting methods and personalized content has been very effective in achieving our brand targets. Bringing together each user, which we tagged based on user insights, with the specially created video content has enabled us to increase the product awareness in a short time and to achieve the targeted sales results." - Duygu Yılmaz, Account Director, SEM