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LC Waikiki

Boosting campaign awareness with Facebook and Instagram video ads.

Seçil Göker Aycan Digital Marketing Manager, LC Waikiki

Facebook, and above all, Instagram are crucial platforms in reaching and engaging with communities who seek out fashion in their daily lives. On top of that, using a wide range of Facebook and Instagram visual ad formats merged with mobile-optimised creative content played a key role in meeting and exceeding our marketing goals.

Fashion for all
LC Waikiki believes that everyone deserves to dress well. Starting out in France in 1988 and becoming a Turkish brand in 1997, the company now operates in 38 countries with 868 stores. Today, it is Turkey’s largest affordable fashion company.

Celebrating the new season
LC Waikiki wanted to boost brand awareness while launching a new line of colourful basics. The retailer hoped that stimulating campaign awareness among a wide audience would lead to increased sales for its fun new seasonal line.

Colourful campaign
To attract new customers to the new clothing line, LC Waikiki ran a video campaign across Facebook and Instagram, as well as TV, cinemas and other out-of-home locations. The campaign was designed to first raise awareness and then encourage conversions.

The brand ran video ads, Instant Experience and ads in carousel ad format in Facebook News Feed, Instagram feed and Stories, targeted to a broad audience of men and women aged 18–35, and parents aged 20–45. The campaign creative made a splash by decking out a familiar celebrity in the many bright colourful options of the new line, and showed her outfit changing with each flash of the camera.

SEM Media Agency helped LC Waikiki deliver the campaign in 3 phases, focusing on awareness, consideration and purchase. In the awareness phase, ads were targeted to a broad audience. In the consideration and purchase phases, different ads were retargeted to people who had watched the videos in the awareness phase. This helped the brand reach the largest audience possible by keeping its content fresh. By using Facebook and Instagram, LC Waikiki was able to reach fashion-conscious potential customers at a time when many retailers are competing for attention in the autumn rush.




The Turkish retailer launched a new fashion line with Facebook and Instagram video ads, which boosted campaign awareness and brand recognition by 8 points.