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How can we efficiently integrate and use the Google Analytics and Search Ads 360 platforms?

Merve Kolay Kurtuluş, E-Commerce Digital Marketing and Analytics Manager, LC Waikiki

With Search Ads 360, we increased the ROI of our search ads by 47% compared to the previous period by appearing before our users with the right offers at the right time. The efforts here have provided us with a holistic view of all campaigns while providing an advantage in terms of performance.


Increase conversion rate and return on investment in generic searches in clothing category



Insights obtained from Google Analytics 360 were reflected in Search Ads 360

 Campaigns were segmented by ROI

Smart Bid strategies were established

Seeing the end-to-end user journey in today's multi-channel and device based digital world, understanding the actions, interests and purchasing tendencies of the users, obtaining meaningful insights from these and establishing an action plan accordingly are the most fundamental and critical steps for success. Reflecting the insights offered by Google Analytics 360 and the strategies and actions that can be based on them into search campaigns through Search Ads 360 provides a great advantage for the brands. A communication that is compatible with the customer journey and that will be carried out to meet the current needs of the customer makes it easier for the brands to achieve the highest performance.

Meeting with customers at its stores in 46 countries from Kenya to Malaysia, Romania to Kazakhstan, and South Africa to Morocco, LC Waikiki decided to create a setup that would reflect its insights from Google Analytics 360 into search campaigns through Search Ads 360 in order to increase the conversion rate and ROI in generic searches in brand and clothing categories.

In the campaign where the users searching for certain clothing categories and intend to buy, but did not specify a brand in their minds are determined as the target group, the main target was to post ads with the right strategy in the categories searched. While doing this, it was also aimed to manage campaigns in line with brand targets and to increase the generic performance.

Firstly, the targets of LC Waikiki, which developed a comprehensive strategy on this matter with the data-driven marketing agency SEM, on Google Analytics 360 were transferred to Search Ads 360 platform, and the campaigns were segmented by ROI. Tags were assigned to these segmented campaigns, and Smart Bid strategies were established based on assigned tag groups. As the Smart Bid strategies assigned to the tags achieved their target key performance indicators, the campaigns were automatically included to next strategy.


The most important point in this process was to create the right campaign groups and to determine the filters in the dynamic structure that was established while creating the strategies. For example, the team has grouped the campaigns with a Google Analytics 360 ROAS of 2 to 3 during the last 30 days, and automatically added relevant tags to the campaigns through filters and rules. This has allowed to identify the right target ROAS for campaigns which Google Analytics 360 ROAS were close to each other. This has also supported the strategy to run without increasing the cost of campaigns.


Comparing the current period with the previous period for the campaigns where Smart Bid strategies were used on Search Ads 360, the ROI has increased by 47%, while the unit cost and total cost have decreased by 23% and 13%, respectively.

“Using Google Analytics 360 and Search Ads 360 together has a critical importance. Insights are obtained through the actions taken by the user on the brand’s websites and apps as well as through their behaviors on these, target group segments are created based on these insights, and search campaigns are optimized accordingly. It is also possible to use these two platforms together quickly and efficiently without experiencing any data loss.”

- Hanife Avcılar, Performance Marketing Consultant, SEM

- Tugay Atak, Senior Account Strategist, SEM

Results In the campaigns where Search Ads 360 Smart Bidding strategies were used, 47% increase in ROI , and 23% and 13%, respectively, decrease in unit cost and total cost.