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Our Success Stories

LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki is a Turkish clothing brand and retailer with 833 stores in 38 countries, 15 of which are market leaders. Prior to this work, the company had developed a new strategy to expand the brand's digital footprint, provide additional e-commerce revenue, and expand its digital market share, while focusing on digital platforms limitedly.

Merve Kolay Kurtuluş - E-Commerce Performance Marketing and Analytical Manager

The work we have conducted with SEM actually shows that both our organic and direct traffic is positively affected when we correctly managed the digital investment. In this application, both the Google team and the SEM team constantly assisted us and ensured that necessary optimizations are made. I believe that we have put together great results as a big team.


• Increasing the presence in the digital world
• Obtaining additional e-commerce revenue
• Increasing the digital market share


• Launched display ad campaigns that are continuously on-air
• Increased the coverage of generic search campaigns and optimized them
• Developed YouTube ads specific to category, including TrueView and Bumper ads


• Thinking on the brand and brand interest has increased for all the categories
• New website visitors have increased by 26%
• Organic sessions have increased by 38% and organic channel revenue has increased by 63%
• Direct sessions have increased by 15% and direct channel revenue has increased by 37%
• Brand search volume has increased by 22%
• Total website revenue has increased by 44%