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Our Success Stories


Founded in 1996 as the first online bookstore of Turkey, idefix offers more than 200 thousand products in 10 categories including books, films, music, electronics, stationery and games. With a significant market share in online retailing, idefix facilitates the lives of the consumers with services such as single click payment and mobile order.

Taner Doğuer, Digital Marketing Manager, idefix

Quickly experiencing such innovative ad models in online campaigns both keeps us dynamic and offers us significant competitive opportunities for us, the digital team, to follow up the latest stuff.


Increasing the revenues

Increasing the revenues we obtain from ad expenses

Ensuring an operational benefit in saving time



Smart Shopping ad model is adopted



10% increase in shopping revenues with 5% less cost


Continuing its marketing communication with the slogan “Okumak Ne Güzel Şey” (What A Nice Thing To Read” and adopting it as a mission to increase the book reading rate in Turkey, idefix offers a rich content scale with lists such as Hesitant Reader, What Does Turkey Read, Special for the Week, 1001 Books to Read Before You Die. The brand wants to increase its revenue from digital and asked to experience the Smart Shopping campaigns, the new ad model offered by Google, and to be one of the firsts trying it.


When Smart Shopping campaigns are used, the existing product feed and elements are combined with Google’s machine learning in order to display various ads on the networks. System tests the data received from the product feed with different combination of image and text elements provided by the brand and then displays the most relevant ads to the consumers on Google networks including Google Search Network, Google Display Network, YouTube and Gmail.


Featuring more than 200 thousand products on Google Merchant Center with SEM through the Smart Shopping campaign, idefix assigned the task related to target group to machine learning. Rather than selecting a certain group, idefix decided to reach the relevant groups according to Google’s machine learning algorithm for each of 200 thousand different products.


“We clearly noticed the positive change in ROI of these campaigns after we started to use the Smart Shopping ad model offered by Google. In addition to this improvement in ROI, the Smart Shopping Model provided a significant operational benefit to our strategist team.”

-Oğuz Kansoy, Senior Account Manager, SEM


During the period of October 2017 to July 2018 where the Smart Shopping campaign was held, a 10% increase has been realized in the total shopping turnover and revenue with a 5% less cost. Rather than using an ad model only working on the Search network, the brand has achieved a success by displaying the shopping campaigns with relevant products from the product range according to the fields of interest of the consumers, who consume video content on YouTube or spend time in a news portal.

idefix increased its revenues from the shopping ads sales by 10% with the Smart Shopping campaign.