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Smart changes for the big impact: Boost performance with new solutions from YouTube

Ali Çamarası - Digital Marketing Supervisor

As Gratis, we were confident that YouTube, unlike TV, could be used as a measurable digital performance medium, but we did not expect such a clear result in such a short time.

Long-term store closures have forced brands worldwide to reconsider media campaigns to focus on increasing online sales. With the transition to digital, it became even clearer that every advertiser is actually a performance advertiser.


Marketers have the flexibility to increase or decrease budgets on YouTube according to needs and, most importantly, to invest to achieve results. As businesses reopen, they have the opportunity to use video on YouTube to promote both online and offline purchases. In fact, more than 40 percent of shoppers buy products they discovered on YouTube.


Today, it is possible to inspire and drive consumers to shopping through YouTube with the help of smart solutions, to leverage automation and further strengthen the association to achieve more conversion.


Make your video ads your new showcase

Brands use video ads strategically when presenting new products to consumers. Recently, Gratis had to communicate the stories they created as a 360-degree for the holiday campaign in a multi-channel way through the same language across all channels for online and stores. They used YouTube as a complete conversion funnel solution and connected with the most likely audiences to purchase.


At this point, they benefited from a new solution that aims to inspire the consumer to help businesses build a stronger e-commerce presence, make your transactional video advertisements more shoppable and inspire the next purchase. They synchronized video ads with Merchant Center, directed consumers to purchase the most popular product visuals they wanted to highlight and drew traffic to product pages.


Capture the consumer with simple yet effective creatives

Merve Beşiroğlu, Account Manager at SEM, summarizes the main phase of the campaign: "With TrueView for Action image extension product, we showed promotional products from the holiday campaign to users with video creatives. However, we have used a transformation set to not only focus on the final step in the purchase journey, but also to use value-creating steps (add to cart, move to purchase) as an optimization signal.”


As a result, Gratis and their digital agency, SEM, not only got a strong interaction but turned it into performance. The main target of the account, web sales conversion, was analyzed, and the result was an image extension campaign and a purchase cost of 45 percent lower than the brand's other video campaign models, and a 91 percent higher return on advertising spending.


Although their online adventure began in 2019, they have a graph that grows exponentially as quickly as his physical stores. Ali Çamarası, Digital Marketing Manager at Gratis said; “As Gratis, we were confident that YouTube, unlike TV, could be used as a measurable digital performance medium, but we did not expect such a clear result in such a short time.” Gül Sağır Aydın, Marketing Director of Gratis, completed: “YouTube is no longer just a brand work channel for us, but a performance platform that we can turn into direct sales.”


Embrace the power of digital video

Shorter ads help brands tell a story with easy-to-consume, small-size video clips, and these short ads have greater potential than can be predicted. Ezgi Toprakkarıştıran, Digital Marketing Specialist of Gratis, added: “With the results, we have seen that not only our YouTube performance, but also our conversion rates in other digital channels have increased and our store visits have increased.”


Video has always been an effective channel to raise awareness, but performance marketers shouldn’t be content themselves with it. Embrace the power of digital video and report the results clearly in order to increase productivity in the short term and lay the foundation for long-term growth.

Embrace the power of digital video