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Increase order revenue by 5% and outperforms tROAS by 173%

Duygu Kuşaksız, Domino’s Turkey E-commerce Manager

Performance Max delivered strong business results by maximizing our budget and ROAS across channels.

The challenge

Domino's–a global pizza restaurant chain with 570 branches spread over 73 locations in Turkey–has been driving orders with strong ROAS mostly from Search and App campaigns. Domino's aimed to generate additional revenue and increase ROAS on YouTube, Display, and other Google channels while eliminating the guesswork of allocating and optimizing budgets across multiple channels.

The approach

Domino’s and their agency SEM decided to use Performance Max campaigns with a maximize conversion value bidding strategy to increase order revenue across more of Google’s channels. They used a consistent and compelling “Get 3, Pay for 1” offer and also excluded brand keywords to better evaluate performance compared to other campaigns.

The Result

During the test period, Performance Max delivered a 5% increase in revenue at a ROAS that was 173% above benchmarks. It was one of the strongest revenue-driving campaigns among all Google campaigns, including brand and non-brand Search campaigns. Also, the campaign improved account-level CTR by 18% and increased conversion rate by 11%.

It also helped our teams save time by removing less strategic and manual campaign setup and optimization’’
— Kaan Kayadelen SEM Account Manager

Domino’s increases order revenue by 5% and outperforms tROAS by 173%