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Interact: Making your app a habit to your users may help you increase your revenues.

Ali Can Ertem, Digital Channels and Customer Experience Group Manager, Domino's Pizza Turkey

Optimizing Domino’s users based on the actions they take in the app, combining them with Google's machine learning and smart bidding strategies and getting them closer to the purchase with the most cost-effective solution is the biggest factor in the campaign's success.

Domino’s Pizza's investments in technology are an important part of both its marketing and sales strategy. While the brand carries out many marketing activities through digital platforms, it also maintains a significant part of its sales through the power of its technological infrastructure. Home delivery was constituting 28 percent of the brand’s sales in Turkey in 2014, while it has reached to 56 percent in 2018.

Decided to increase in the number of app downloads and to reduce its costs in the beginning of 2018, the brand has decided to use the Universal App campaign and had 4,8 times increase in the number of app download. This time, Domino’s Pizza wanted to make its users downloading the apps active and high frequency users. In addition to this, Domino’s aimed to make its apps a habit for the users and to create an additional revenue channel by including the users to the purchasing process through interesting text, video and images.

The brand decided to create a campaign with its agency SEM to benefit from the in-app interaction feature of the Universal App campaign SEM Account Manager Aykut Sonat Yüce explains his campaign setup as follows; “In the campaign where we targeted the users with our app, we optimized the system based on the users' add to cart action and included existing users to the purchasing process more actively .”

In this study where machine learning is an important part of the process, we benefited from bid options that can be applied to the users segmented according to the product offered, and the ability to reach out to more people thanks to Google's wide inventory.

Compared to the previous period, the add to cart action during the campaign increased by 82%. The revenue share of Google Ads in total app sales increased by 128% with in-app interaction campaigns Domino’s Pizza Turkey Digital Marketing Manager Duygu Deniz summarizes the importance of the campaign as follows; “Continuously communicating with the users, who downloaded our mobile app to their device, in order to make our app a habit and increasing the frequency in purchasing funnel have gained a significant importance considering the revenue it provides in long term.


- Universal App’s in-app interaction was used - Machine learning was used