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Our Success Stories


“With the Responsive Search ads we used, we were able to display more enriched ads to our users. In this way, we have seen that the click-through rates have increased, in other words we attracted the interest of users more as expected. We also took advantage from Google's machine learning, and achieved a 25% reduction in our conversion costs and a 24% increase in our conversion rate.” - Aykut Sonat Yüce, Account Manager, SEM & Eda Aslı Kaynaroğlu, Performance Marketing Consultant, SEM

- Ali Can Ertem, Digital Channels and Customer Experience Group Manager, Domino's Pizza Turkey

“In an increasingly competitive market, with this ad model we are using, we had the opportunity to tell more about the advantages of Domino’s Pizza at the very moment the customers see the ad and thus attracted the attention of the customers.”


Increasing the conversion rate by providing maximum level of information to the customers in digital channels


Responsive Search Ads were used

Machine learning was used

Remarketing lists were used


17% increase in click-through rate and 15% increase in clicks

24% increase in conversions

19% improvement in average cost-per-click and 25% improvement in cost per conversion

Offering a rich menu with side products in addition to delicious pizzas, Domino’s Pizza is a brand aiming excellence in terms of taste, quality and service standard. Domino’s Pizza has the most extensive network of Turkey in the sector, and makes a significant technology investment to maintain the success of this system and to bring innovative works. Thanks to these investments, it brings the fastest and most accurate solutions to both the management and the operation side.

Through its technological investments, Domino’s Pizza delivers its products fast to its customers, collects data and receives feedback at the same speed, and also has the opportunity to respond to these quickly. The brand wanted to display the most relative texts to the customers through Google’s machine learning and to increase its click-through rate and thus the conversion rate by displaying more messages about its advantageous campaigns to the customers in Search ads.

Providing maximum level of information to the users without visiting the website, increasing the click-through rate of the new users in addition to loyal customers, and increasing ROAS by reducing the cost-per-click were among the main goals. Domino’s Pizza  started to work with its agency SEM to carry out a comprehensive campaign to take advantage of Responsive Search Ads.

First of all, re-marketing audiences allowing to target the users with a higher probability of conversion rate, and device based bids based on bid adjustment technology in campaign groups with high return were used. The brand had to keep both the loyal customers and to attract new customers to the world of Domino’s Pizza due to the increasing competition in the high-performance words it was targeting. With the help of the Responsive Search Ads started to be used in existing ad campaigns, the team had the opportunity to minimize the negative impacts of competition with more relevant ad texts, which are optimized according to the tendency of users by time.

By displaying ads closer to the terms they are searching for, throughout the communication strategy conducted, customers were given the message that they can easily order from the campaigns specific to website and mobile site of Domino’s Pizza. During the campaign, the click-through rate increased by 17% and the conversion rate increased by 24%, while the average cost-per-click reduced by 19%.

Ali Can Ertem summarizes the impact of the campaign on their marketing strategies as follows; “At Domino's Pizza Turkey, we are positioning ourselves as a technology company selling pizza, and we continuously increase the investment to our digital channels. Using Responsive Search Ads in addition to Expanded Text Ads has enabled us to both mention our advantages more in our ads and to display most relevant, best ads in line with the requests of the customers thanks to Google’s machine learning. In this way, we achieved a 24% increase in conversion rates in the Search Network, our largest channel.”

Which method did Domino’s Pizza use to reduce the cost while increasing the conversion rate?