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Founded in the USA in 1960, Domino’s Pizza operates more than 14.000 restaurants in 85 countries around the world today. Operating in Turkey for 22 years, Domino's Pizza spearheads the pizza industry in the country with 521 branches in 68 cities. Domino’s Pizza decided to use the Universal App campaign to increase the number of application download and to reduce the application download costs.

Alican Ertem, Digital Channels Group Manager, Domino's Pizza Turkey

“With the UAC campaign where we added video components instead of the usual static images, we were able to reduce the application download costs by 75%. We will benefit greatly from the outcomes of this campaign in the future.”




Among the main actors in the development of quick delivery market in Turkey as in the world, Domino’s Pizza is identified with the pizza delivered to home. 48 percent of the brand’s turnover from the home delivery in Turkey is the orders received through digital channels. Attaching importance to innovation and technology investments, Domino's Pizza had a sales increase of 16% in the first half of 2018 in Turkey. The brand does not limit its work only with “a kitchen and a store”, and also stands out with the technological applications it implements.

Domino’s Pizza wanted to increase the number of loyal customers by adding new members to the applications with the number of application download and the application access. In addition to this, the brand has also targeted to increase the return on advertising spends (ROAS) by reducing the cost per download and by using the Universal App campaigns (UAC). Accordingly, a campaign, where UAC advertising model and machine learning technology were adopted, was created together with the performance agency SEM.

The brand had to attract users, who were ordering from currently available meal ordering application, to the Domino’s Pizza application. There was a need for creating a powerful campaign specific to the application in order to achieve this. Domino’s Pizza has managed to capture the increasingly decreasing time of interest of the users by using UAC video ads instead of static images thanks to the ability of the Universal App campaign to use different ad components. And the campaign has reached out to the relevant target audience along with the use of machine learning.

During the campaign, a message was communicated to the users that they can take advantage of opportunities such as easy ordering and application-specific campaigns. Domino's Pizza Turkey Digital Channels Group Director Alican Ertem said, “As we are a company prioritizing technology, application campaigns have become the most important part of our digital marketing strategy. Particularly in this digital universe where mobile usage has increasingly grown, growing our customer portfolio and sales channels in the mobile channels is on top of the priorities and digital strategy of Domino's Pizza Turkey.” Thanks to the machine learning technology of the Universal App campaign, the application download cost of Domino’s Pizza has reduced by 75%, while the number of application download has increased by 4,8 times. In addition to this, return on advertising spends has increased by 5 times.

Domino’s Pizza reduced the application download cost by 75% with the Universal App campaign