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Burger King

Burger King, one of the world's largest fast-food hamburger chains, is operating in Turkey under TAB Gıda since 1995. With more than 650 restaurants in Turkey, the brand offers burgers, salads, crispy delicacies, desserts and campaign content to its consumers.

Burak Akın, Digital Marketing & Technology Director, Burger King

“As we targeted the gamer audience for the first time in digital channels, it was a challenge to define this audience, to identify the suitable audience segments for us as Burger King. With the Brand Lift, we have measured which audiences are performing better, and we have carried out optimizations towards the sales targets during the campaign period.”


To increase the online sales by developing a special menu for the target Gamer audience

To increase brand awareness



YouTube has been selected as the main channel for the publicity of the Pro-Gamer menu

TrueView for Action and Bumper video formats were used

Brand Lift measurement was carried out



19% growth in online sales

153% increase in website traffic

15% increase in ad remembering rate


Having adopted the strategy “We should be there where our target audience is”, Burger King has been conducting both online and offline marketing activities for many years. Burger King believes that listening to the consumers and creating special communication campaigns responding to their demands from the relevant channels, and has embraced the e-sports category with increasing popularity in the world recently in order to reach out to the youth and developed a Pro-Gamer menu for gamers.

In order to promote this new menu to the target audience and thus to increase the revenue of online sales channels, Burger King decided to run a campaign on YouTube focused on young-adult gamer profile. TrueView for Action and Bumper video formats were used on YouTube together with the digital media agency SEM. Audience in the market and similar audiences were used in performance targeting.

Burger King developed the menu that is most suitable to the nutrition style of the gamers, who were elected from the fast growing e-sports world, according to the feedbacks received from them by observing their lives. The brand aimed to achieve a great success with the watching rates and sales figures of the specially prepared menu, to reinforce the brand’s image and to take the leading role in the sector by embracing this new audience, which exactly fits to its target audience, to be in an advantageous position against the competitors.

A “challenge” concept, fun film was prepared for the campaign according to the dynamics of YouTube and the e-sports world. The film was introduced to the target audience with main and bumper videos. The entire communication of the campaign was supported only by collaborating with professional e-sports players on digital channels. Only communicating through digital channels to reach the young people living in digital, the brand created a positive interaction on the gamer audience in the channels used. By positioning YouTube on the right targets for this audience, the brand achieved 616% ROAS with a high performance.


Burger King Digital Marketing & Technology Director Burak Akın says, “We can now position YouTube not only as a brand channel, but also as a performance channel for the gamers.” After the campaign was launched, the brand achieved an increase of 153% in its website traffic and a growth of 19% in its online sales. Compared to the previous period, sales revenue has increased by 84% in TrueView for Action campaign based on the same product performance.

Burger King has increased its online revenue by 19% through the YouTube campaign for the Gamer audience.