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Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing

Performance Marketing is the marketing strategy created by using search engine marketing, remarketing, and programmatic buying techniques with the goal of generating sales and/or opportunities. With the advancing technology, it is now inevitable to continue the interaction with consumers after they visit your website and to target the right user with the right marketing strategies. Our SEM Performance Marketing team creates strategies to build, manage and follow this complex and detailed process according to your needs.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

The SEM Performance Marketing team ensures that your brand reaches its target platform at the most cost-effective rates on digital platforms, delivers your message correctly to the real customer at the right time, and designs, manages and optimizes your ad campaigns. Our goal is to increase your return on investment with the ad strategies specially created for your brand, to easily measure the impact of your ads appearing on search engines and their partner websites, and to provide high level feedback with an accurate analysis.

As SEM, in our digital marketing works, rather than focusing a single channel, we focus on the channels where the users visit while surfing the net. We customize the ads and campaign strategies according to the user's past behavior and position in the marketing cycle, and give the right message.


Remarketing / Retargeting

It is possible to increase the return on investment with the strategies developed for the users who have already visited your site. As the SEM Performance Marketing team, we aim to target the relevant groups with the right customer segmentation in remarketing campaigns and to increase your revenue by delivering the right message to these groups at the right time interval.


Programmatic Buying

Real Time Bidding, the ad model with the highest potential to reach the right target group, is planned by SEM's Performance Marketing team in line with your brand's goals, image and strategy. The most effective format of next generation ad services is the RTB technology with real-time targeting.

Users' behaviors are analyzed in detail and the users are divided into target groups. The user groups, which do not perform the expected actions, are retargeted with remarketing.