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Data Analysis

Data Analysis & Performance Advisory

Today, the volume of data generated through the internet has reached an enormous size. More than 90% of the information recorded throughout history has been created within the past two years. We now have a brand new playground: Big Data.

Through the data volume created, your website and mobile app not only allows you to talk with your users, but also allows them to talk with you. Translation of this language spoken in the data language is a very sensitive and painstaking matter.

Our VAPD team specialized in data analysis supports you in tracking the footsteps of the visitors on your web and mobile properties, reporting them in line with your needs, analyzing these according to your goals, and optimizing your services & your user experience with the guidance of these analyzes.

SEM VAPD turns Big Data into action for you.



SEM VAPD helps you to select and integrate Web Analytics tools that will satisfy your needs the most accurately.

It is the first, but the biggest step that you need to take in order to collect the behavioral data the visitors create on your websites and applications, to monitor the watching and after-click data of all of the ad formats on the internet, to merge the information collected in your CRM and ERP databases with the data created on the internet, listen to your customers, and evaluate your investments.

Acting together with your technical and operations teams by supporting you throughout the integration process, our SEM VAPD team has extensive experience on different products. Our consultants offer this experience with a result oriented business approach, and ensure that you are informed about even the smallest action of your visitors.

The footsteps left by users on your website and mobile app during their visit are very important tips. It is very important to track these tips, analyze them in detail, and report them. But it is even more important to understand these tips and turn them into action for using in marketing activities.



Collecting visitor and customer data alone is not enough. One of the biggest risks of the Big Data is to get lost in the volume of collected data. Coping with the density of data tracked, however, is possible with a team specialized in this field.

Listening to you and your team and supporting you in determining your needs, our SEM VAPD team ensures that the collected data is clearly delivered to you. Reports related all areas of your business are enriched with the messages provided by your visitors through data and gives you full control.

Reports on interaction of your visitors with your web and mobile services, return on investment, your customers' e-commerce transactions, and other customized, business-specific reports are designed for easy access.



It is not always possible to understand what your visitors want to tell by reporting the selected data. With a comprehensive analysis of the data, which is reported, but which you do not feel the need for reporting at first, you can manage the design and service operations, take data and analysis oriented decisions for increasing your success rates, and increase your income.

Identification of the obstacles between you and your potential and the bottlenecks in your services, prioritization of the optimizations to be made with an action plan, determination of internal and external developments affecting your business are only possible with the analysis of the data in your hand.

Using various statistical and behavioral analysis methods and tools, our SEM VAPD team helps you achieve success by revealing the probabilities that are hard to notice at first glance.



Our SEM VAPD team provides you with a strategy in the light of the analysis to ensure that the users spend more time with you by taking precautions based on when and how your users are leaving your Web and Mobile services, to make your visitors, who do not buy anything, into a customer, to regain the customers you lost, and to improve your return on investment and grow your business.

It advises on alternative design and service operations under the guidance of data analysis results and creates  A/B tests with these alternatives without any doubt related to these results.

It allows you to reach out to your users with special campaigns and post personalized ads by segmenting the visitors and customers.

It provides continuous optimization consultancy to increase your sales rates and average shopping cart amount.

By blending the content and user segmentation, it allows you to offer customized design and content to your visitors.

"I'm wasting half of my ad budget, but I do not know what half it is." We have a surprise for you, we know which half it is! You're wasting "the half which you do not measure".