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Brand Marketing

Brand Marketing

The days that we were able to reach the target group through a single channel are over. Today, we consume the content with multiple devices at the same time. Therefore, brands need to take place in online platforms as well as traditional advertising channels that can only communicate in one way. Online platforms offer a much better quality experience to today's users with their interactive, customizable and shareable structure. High number of alternatives in content, creativity and targeting makes it difficult to pursue the right strategies in this fast developing field. At this point, our SEM Brand Marketing team uses YouTube, Google Display Network and Social Media ads to create and manage the right strategy for your brand



Taking into account the impression, click, watching and interaction metrics, we prepare the media plan, which you can reach your target in the most accurate manner, from YouTube, Google Display Network and Social Media ad alternatives, and create this plan regularly from the first day the campaign is on air.

Every campaign you launch for above-the-line advertising has an online reflection. It is inevitable to create a digital strategy to increase your brand's awareness, reach more potential consumers, and ensure that your brand investment reaches a wider group.


Platform Creation

Once the brands reach the right target group, they need a YouTube channel to direct and interact more with that group. Our SEM Brand Marketing team creates a suitable solution from channel design to content optimization that will allow your videos to be watched more and technical changes that will make your videos rank higher in video searches.



Reaching out to new users, as well as continuing the communication with the users previously reached is important for the brands. In order to be able to interact with previously reached users, we are preparing specific strategies for the needs of brands that we are working on both to create custom content for this group and to follow the retargeting plan without disturbing this group.