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Founded in 2007 as Turkey’s first search engine marketing agency, today SEM is shaping the industry as a leader of performance marketing. With 13 years of experience, and a team of 120 people, SEM provides strategic consultancy to dozens of national and international companies from different sectors by putting data-oriented strategy at the center of their business. The agency works with more than 20 business partners such as Google, Facebook and Oracle.

About the Client

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Founded in 1961 ETİ aims to expand its presence in the global snack market with its biscuits, cookies, cakes, pies, chocolate, wafers and baby food products with its 60-year expertise, know-how and highly qualified workforce. The company introduced baby biscuits to the market under the name Eti Cicibebe and it continues to be the market’s leading baby biscuit brand. There is no direct sale of Cicibebe Biscuit products through, it aims to increase awareness of the brand with new user engagement. The biggest goal of the ETİ is having a large share of the Mother&Baby sector.

“Eti gives a high value on maintaining a close relationship with consumers and potential consumers by learning about them and creating relevant information. Through our Eticicibebe website, we reach our target audience and provide content regarding pregnancy and baby development. SEO has outstanding role in reaching out to more consumers. At this point, SEM understands our team’s needs and helps us take appropriate actions.”

Merve Gül Elagöz, Digital Marketing Unit Manager

Business Challenge and Objective

A longtime leader in the baby biscuit industry, Cicibebe was known to many as just a baby biscuit brand. ETİ aims to improve its relationship with moms by better understanding and responding to their needs, rather than just moving forward as a baby biscuit brand. was positioned as a practical assistant for mothers and pregnant women. At the same time, ETİ Cicibebe had many credible competitors who had proven themselves as an authority in the market.
Eti needed a strong content strategy, and new site structure to prove itself in the industry. In line with all these goals, the SEM & ETİ cooperation started.

Cicibebe process, which starts with Melisa Üner, Buğra Tan and Duygu Garip from SEM SEO team, showed its effect in 1 year.

The Solution

It required a good site structure and content strategy for ETİ to establish the new brand perception it targeted and to gain a new brand identity. On the other hand, the main touchpoint was that it had a share in the mother-baby market compared to competitors.

The SEO team has identified five main optimization tactics and a SEO technical checklist that can help ETİ achieve its new brand perception and goals. These five main tactics were:

  • Reconstructed Footer Structure
  • User-Oriented Navigation Structure
  • Performance Based Category Breakdowns
  • Condensed Inlink Strategy
  • Strong Content Strategy

The Implementation

Before starting the process, we had a strategy meeting with the brand team for our goals and objectives. As a result, we decided to both improve our brand awareness and redesign the homepage, navigation menu, footer and internal linking structure on the site. In addition to these technical processes, we conducted monthly content planning activities and planned cannibalization studies to solve the existing duplicate content problem on the site.

At the beginning of the process, we created our roadmap. First, we reviewed the category structure and created new main categories that were not included in the site. In order to change the biscuit brand perception of the site, instead of brand-based breakdowns such as “Cicibebe World”, “Cicibebe Stories” in the navigation menu; we created more general breakdowns such as Baby, Child, Pregnancy.

Thus, we started to compete with high-traffic and important Mother&Baby websites with a strong category setup. By updating the footer area along with the navigation menu design, we have provided a tab footer structure to add our high potential pages from there and for the categories we needed extra highlight.

In addition to writing regular monthly content, we prevented cannibalization by editing the content on the site that has duplicate page problems. In this study; by examining the search volumes, traffic potentials and backlink values ​​of the competing pages, we formed a strategy to make these pages a single and high-authority page, and we made additions by writing the missing parts in the content.

In our work on updating the inefficient homepage layout; by removing outdated page links, we have included important breakdowns on the main page. We linked our high potential pages, such as the very important calculation tools, name pages, directly from the home page.

SEO Checklist

To support ETİ Cicibebe’s technical strategy with SEO studies, SEM created a roadmap for their SEO efforts. Some of the tasks performed are as follows:

  • Structured Data Optimization
  • Title Description Optimization with New Rule Sets
  • Heading Hierarchy Optimization
  • Sitemap Optimization
  • Robots.txt Optimization
  • Cleaning 404 Pages
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Comprehensive Keyword Research

The Result

As a result of these studies we carried out in the first months of 2021, we achieved %213 (152,604 to 477,072) organic traffic growth and %184 (120,552 to 348,379) new user acquisition. (Feb. ‘21 – Jan. ‘22 vs Previous Year)

At the same time, the traffic rate from Non-Brand words was 96.1% at the end of 12 months (Feb. ‘21 – Jan. ‘22 vs Previous Year) with our strategies.