Urchin 7, the new version of the website performance analysis tool Urchin that you can install at Google’s own servers, is released. Urchin 7 offers many innovations to the users with its changed interface, which looks similar to Google Analytics, 64-bit processor support at the servers, advanced segmentation and new reports. The users are now able to perform the analysis easily and quickly with the new interface which is completely renewed and is much more flexible. With the report sharing added to the interface, the reports prepared can be shared with other users without any need for a special encryption.

New features of Urchin 7:

Standard reports that are grouped and recompiled
Advanced Segmentation
Event Tracking
Parallel Profile Processing
Shareable Reports
Editable Geographic Data
Enhanced Campaign Tracking
64-bit processor support
Customizable Filter Rows
With all these new changes, Urchin 7 allows more detailed and accurate analysis by providing much more detailed information than the previous version.

Urchin can only be obtained from the Authorized Urchin Dealers authorized by Google.