At eMetrics conference in Washington, new revolutionary features related to Google Analytics were announced.

Programming Interface (API)

It is now possible to use the reports in Google Analytics in different apps or websites. The programming interface (API), which is still closed beta, allows developers to access all Google Analytics data and use them for any kind of purpose.

Adsense Integration

Publishers, who are members of the Google Content Network, will now be able to see how much revenue they are earning from which sources, and which pages are performing better. Thus, it will be easier for them to prepare higher quality content and improve their revenue.

Animated Graphics

We are now able to visualize our animated graphics, which we are used to from Google Visualization API, by using our Google Analytics data. With animated graphics, we can see the impacts of different variables on each other on the time axis.

Custom reports

It is now possible to customize all kinds of data with the ease of drag and drop feature. It is possible that these reports can be sent to the people you specify at any time on a later date.

Advanced Segmentation

With the new feature, which allows to segment the visitors according to individual target groups or persona, it is possible to more easily observe the movements of different target groups in the website.

With these innovations, Google has taken a serious step to make sure that small and large businesses around the world to offer better services by combining the full scope and flexibility of paid performance analysis tools with Google Analytics’ ease of use and availability.