Welcome to the May 2019 content of our “Google Analytics 360 & Google Marketing Platform Updates” series, which we share with you every month about the innovations in Google Analytics 360 & Google Marketing Platform products.

What is happening in the world of Google Marketing Platform, Analytics, Tag Manager, DV360 and Google Data Studio? What innovations are waiting for us in the upcoming period?

On the blog following the answers to all these questions.Welcome to Google Analytics 360 & Google Marketing Platform Updates blog series and leave you with the May 2019 updates.



Removal of annotations created by deleted users

Google is now legally required to delete old Analytics annotations that were added by since-deleted users. If your client reports that annotations previously added by a since-deleted user have disappeared, this is working as intended.


Data Studio

Data Studio Updates

  • Treemap Chart

Data Studio users can now use treemap charts to visualize their data. Treemaps are an alternative way of visualising the hierarchical structure of a Tree Diagram while also displaying quantities for each category via area size. Each category is assigned a rectangle area with their subcategory rectangles nested inside of it.


  • BigQuery connector data source parameterization

For custom queries using the Data Studio BigQuery connector, this launch enables parameter support. In short, it enables running parameterized queries for BigQuery. BigQuery data source creators will be able to define parameters and use those parameters as part of a custom query.


  • Advanced date comparison

You can now create advanced date range comparisons. This lets you align your current reporting period with the comparison period. For example, you can now compare the last 30 days to the 30 days prior to that and align the comparison Monday to Monday.


  • Chart drill-down

Drilling down gives viewers a way to reveal additional levels of detail within a chart. You can now define drill-down hierarchies in Cartesian chart to make it easier to find insights at various levels of detail in the data.


  • Hide page in view mode

You can now hide pages in view mode. You might want to do this if a page is under construction or contains information you only want other editors to see.


For an overview of more recently launched features, see the Help Center here.


Display & Video 360

Plan Workspace

Google is excited to announce the launch of Plan Workspace in Display & Video 360. For the first time ever Display & Video 360 users can build customised plans based off their campaign goals. This launch allows you to structure, optimize, and share media buys pre-flight across formats and transaction types. Within the Plan Workspace, have Reach Planner, which accurately forecasts reach, viewability, and other key metrics for YouTube and x-exchange video. Google has also integrated with Inventory Module and are working on a user role that will open up access to Media Planners.



Help Center


Triton Audio Integration

Display & Video 360’s integration with Triton launched the week of April 22nd. Through this integration, you can now access a wide range of audio publishers including streaming music services, broadcast radio stations, podcasts, online gaming and more to engage audiences across any internet-connected device, including mobile phones, desktop computers, TV’s, and smart speakers. Triton inventory is only available via Preferred Deals and Private Auctions.



Help Center


PG with Rubicon now available

PGX allows you to set up PG deals with third-party exchanges to access incremental inventory. Display & Video 360 is now officially in General Availability with Rubicon! Now you can access Rubicon inventory via PG as a media consolidation tactic without having to go through betabot.



Help Center


Launching Gmail Ads

Google is launching Gmail Ads on Display & Video 360 for all regions, languages and verticals. These premium Native display ads are 100% viewable, 100% native, 100% brand safe and drive qualified actions.



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Max Conversions for TrueView

Maximize Conversions bidding has launched to all partners for TrueView for Action line items, in Display & Video 360.



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Announcing Brand Controls

To align better with its full functionality, Google is renaming Display & Video 360’s Brand Quality Hub to Brand Controls Center. Here you can plan, monitor, and set up your advertiser’s brand safety strategy. For example, you can view your coverage of content types you’d like to avoid, and then make bulk edits using structured data files.



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Campaign Manager

Parallel Tracking

Google Ads launched parallel tracking across both Search and Shopping campaigns, and began rollout to display beginning on May 1, 2019. The initial launch will be on an opt-in basis. Google Ads customers using Campaign Manager click tracking may see some impact to their campaigns depending on how they currently use Campaign Manager.



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