Innovation by Google: Keyword Planner

As is known, the Keyword Tool was one of the AdWords tools we were using to acquire new keyword and ad group suggestions while creating search campaigns, or expanding the keyword setup in the existing campaigns.

Google has recently gone through various innovations in the tools we can access through the AdWords interface, or have developed new tools. Keyword Planner has entered into our lives very recently.

In a simple sense, we can define the Keyword Planner as a unified version of the Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator features.

So, how and what can we use the Keyword Planner for?

– Search for keyword or ad group suggestions


If you’re doing a new campaign or are looking for keyword and ad group suggestions for your existing campaign, then you can start searching here.

Unlike the Keyword Tool, you will see a field where you can also enter your current destination page. In this way, you will be able to add potential keywords or ad groups, which you may overlook, to your account.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this tool will allow us to do everything we were doing with the Traffic Estimator previously. Likewise, it is possible that we can have an estimated campaign budget with the keyword bids that this tool will give us by taking the competition into account.

– Enter or upload words to see the performance of the keywords


If you have an existing keyword list, you can enter words manually or you can upload the words as an excel file to get an idea on how these words will perform.

Here, you can get traffic estimates such as the estimated number of clicks and impressions for the words in your list, or you can get monthly search volume and competition statistics about your past performance of your keywords.

– Combine the keyword lists


You can also see search volumes, traffic estimates, and historical data by combining your existing keyword lists.

For example, you might have brand names on your first list, and category names on your second list. It is possible to have access to the search volumes by brand categories.

As a result, we can say that the Keyword Planner will make our lives easier for the preparation and development of AdWords campaigns.

More detailed information on the Keyword Planner is available at the link below.