With a statement on its official blog by the end of February, Google announced that mobile-friendliness of the websites will become a ranking factor for the searches to be made from mobile devices starting from the end of April. It’s been understood from this statement that mobile-friendliness, which was already a ranking factor, will be a more important factor. So, what new things will be entering into our lives with this fundamental change?

In fact, we can review the change under two main groups. The first is that the mobile-friendliness of the site will be a more important ranking factor. Therefore, we can say that mobile-friendly sites will be more advantageous in mobile searches and rank better compared to their competitors. You can test your site’s mobile-friendliness with Google’s mobile-friendly test. Secondly, in the mobile searches, Google will start showing the content of mobile apps, which have their content indexed, in search results to the users, who are logged in to Google account. If you have a mobile app and want to have your app indexed in search results, you can also follow these directions to make your app appear to the users in mobile searches.

It was actually obvious that Google, which previously provided mobile-friendliness warnings in mobile search results, would use Google’s mobile-friendly criteria as a ranking factor.


In the upcoming period, it appears that the importance of SEO works on mobile apps will further increase in mobile searches within the context of users organically returning back to the app (retention). Mobile app owners with similar content may have a competitive advantage against their competitors if they already started working on this.

İnan Al