Google Analytics is now more powerful, flexible and intelligent with features announced recently.


Advanced Analysis Tools: With the options added such as second dimension option and comparing two metrics and dimensions with a pivot table, it provides the users with more detailed report options. With the newly added advanced filtering system, it is now possible to get the desired reports with different options and combinations.

Mobile Reporting: Now all mobile phones as well as apps developed for iPhone and Android phones will be tracked with a small piece of code that will be placed on the site. For now, this feature is available on servers that support PHP, Perl, JSP, Aspx.

Enhanced Goal Tracking: With two new goal types added, Google Analytics users can identify goals based on metrics such as Time on Site and Page Views per Visit. In addition to this, the number of targets formerly limited to 4 per profile is also increased to 20, allowing multiple targets to be configured in a single profile.

Unique Visitor Measurement in Custom Reports: It is now also possible to receive unique visitor reports that cannot be compared with dimensions in custom reports. In this way, Google Analytics users will be able to easily track how many unique users are distributed to which segments.


Custom Variables: Multiple variables that will be added to Google Analytics in a few months allow users to track important performance criteria specific to their own web site.

Share Segment and Custom Reports: Any Custom Reports and Advanced Segments created for any user with an Analytics account will now be shared with a simple URL.


Analytics Intelligence: The new “smart reports” alert you about the unusual changes that happen daily, weekly, and monthly periods. For example, Google Analytics warns you if the number of visitors from Istanbul to your website decreases by 45% compared to the past month, preventing you from losing time in the data.

Custom Alerts: In addition to the automatically generated “Smart Reports”, the users can track changes made in Google Analytics data based on the performance criteria specified by them through user interface or email with the help of special alerts.