Welcome to the April 2019 content of our “Google Analytics 360 & Google Marketing Platform Updates” series, which we share with you every month about the innovations in Google Analytics 360 & Google Marketing Platform products.

What is happening in the world of Google Marketing Platform, Analytics, Tag Manager, DV360 and Google Data Studio? What innovations are waiting for us in the upcoming period?

On the blog following the answers to all these questions.Welcome to Google Analytics 360 & Google Marketing Platform Updates blog series and leave you with the April 2019 updates.


Google Marketing Platform Core

Shared User Management for Tag Manager and Optimize


With this launch, users will have improved security and data access through richer organization admin access, central user provisioning across Analytics, Tag Manager, and Optimize, user groups, user policies, and a refreshed and consistent user experience. Additionally, user invitation model added to Tag Manager, adding an extra layer of security.

  • Centralized User Management 

Org administrators can centrally audit and remove Analytics, Tag Manager, and Optimize users in GMP Home. If granted admin rights to Tag Manager and Optimize accounts, the org admin can also centrally add and edit user permissions.

  • User Groups for Tag Manager and Optimize

You can now create a user group, add users to it, and grant access to the group on Tag Manager and Optimize accounts and containers.

  • User Policies for Tag Manager and Optimize

GMP user policies now apply to Tag Manager and Optimize accounts.

  • User addition by invitation

To protect customers and ensure users only have access to valid accounts: Optimize users will continue to be added by invitation only, and bringing the feature to Tag Manager for the first time.




Google Analytics

Search Console reports in Analytics will now be aggregated on the Canonical URL


There has been a change to the way that Search Console data is aggregated and provided to Analytics, which will impact Search Console reports in Analytics. Search Console data will be aggregated on the Canonical URL, instead of the Landing Page URL. This consolidated data will continue to join with Analytics data in the Search Console reports in Analytics. This change is a result of a Search Console change from reporting on Landing Page URLs to Canonical URLs.




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Google Data Studio

Data Studio Updates


Customize canvas size per page

You can now control the canvas size for every page of a report. The Canvas Size option in the Layout panel sets the default canvas size for the report, but you can now override that on individual pages

Improved table formatting

It’s now easier to resize table columns in edit mode. In addition, you can apply left, right, or center alignment to table columns.

  • Resize columns

Clicking and dragging a column divider now resizes only that column. To resize multiple columns at once, hold the Shift key while dragging a column divider.

Right-click a table to automatically size columns to fit the data or to size all the columns widths equally.

You can also simply double-click on a column divider to apply the Fit to data option.

Click here to learn more.

  • Column alignment

Use the options in the table’s Style properties panel to set the alignment for the selected dimension or metric.


Google Display & Video 360

Reach Planner

In March, launched planning in Display & Video 360. Plan workspace allows for inventory and publisher discovery, video reach with reach planning and the assembly and export of media plans. You can build a “plan” within a campaign in Display & Video 360, which gives you the ability to understand what goals and key performance indicators (KPIs) you can achieve (e.g., Unique Reach, GRP, estimated CPMs, etc.) when buying programmatically, given your campaign’s budget and targeting.


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Display & Video 360 is built to improve collaboration between creative, brand, media, and data teams. When you manage your creatives in Display & Video 360 you can view reports on these creatives in both Display & Video 360 and in Campaign Manager.


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Creatives in Campaign Manager

Recently launched the ability to upload, serve and report on AMPHTML creatives in Display & Video 360. AMPHTML is a stripped-down form of HTML that helps make really fast mobile webpages. You can also use AMP to build creatives that load fast and can serve on AMP pages.

Good to Know

If you use Prisma, don’t create reports using the DV360 Advertiser in Campaign Manager. It’s not currently compatible with Prisma and will result in workflow and reporting issues.


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15s Non-Skippable Youtube Ads

Non-skippable ads on YouTube are short in-stream video ads that play before, during, or after another video. The video must be 15 seconds or less, and viewers don’t have the option to skip your ad. Non-skippable ads will be available to advertisers running open auction campaigns as a new ad format in TrueView line items.


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Flipbook, Lightbox Formats Supoort Draft Versions

To make it easier for your teams to work in parallel, you can now save creatives as drafts. Draft creatives can’t be assigned to a line item to serve, giving your team a chance to review and sign-off before the creative goes live.

Why use drafts?

When you create a draft, you can share a creative preview link with anyone. This supports several different workflows:

  • Share a preview with the brand or client before it goes live.
  • Share a preview to get explicit approval from your media team.

If different members of your team handle creative upload and creative “sign off”, one person can upload, and the other can publish after it’s been shared with and approved by your stakeholders. This allows you to define your own workflow and process.

Good to Know

You’ll need to make a new creative instead of creating a draft if you want to change any of the following:

  • Creative dimensions
  • Creative format

Rich media events (counters, exits, and timers)


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This is the Google Marketing Platform innovation in April. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any innovations you want to add or share.

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