Created more than 50 Google Gadgets for its various customers including brands such as Nokia, Algida, Axe, Etstur and Yapı Kredi Bankası, SEM has become the only company employing three Google Gadget Advertising Specialists after Kemal Hadımlı has joined to the team of Google Gadget Advertising Specialists determining the competence on Google Gadget Ads and iGoogle Gadgets.

In order to receive the Google Gadget Advertising Specialist certification, you need to:

Complete the General Certification Exam with 75% or more success.
Complete the Google Gadget Ads Exam with 75% or more success.
Produce four different iGoogle Gadgets or Gadget ads each with at least 250,000 visits per week.
Get a positive feedback in the interview with your 4 references which you provided a paid service on Google Gadgets.
20 personal shares you’ll make in the Google Gadget Group and blogs.