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About Us

Figures, graphs, reports, analyses... Since 2006, the marketing world has not been aware of how complicated the advertising or the consumer would be, except for one company: Welcome to the analytical world of SEM.

As SEM, we were very happy when Martin Sorrell, the CEO of the world's largest agency group, said, 'Advertising used to be an artistic fact before, but now it is a scientific fact.' at a conference he attended in 2013. This is because it was a sentence that affirms everything we did during the past 7 years. This happiness reminded us once again that we should always be a pioneer, and we have restructured our services for the future. When we shared what we do today and what we want to do in the future with our business partners in developed markets, their reactions and the sparkle in their eyes made us more than happy and showed us that we are in the right direction.

So, Who Are We Really?

We are people who believe that creating happy customers require providing good services, providing good services require creating employees who are happy and constantly improving themselves. That is why reading, researching, learning and putting knowledge to the center of our work is vital for us. We believe not working for long hours, but working efficiently. We use technology for this, and we even produce it. For us, technology is not a toy, but the life itself. That is why we believe that "analytical intelligence" should be at the center of digital marketing. The proof that we believed in the right things for so many years is the hundreds of happy customers we work with and our customers who have not left us for many years.


The Future is Today

As SabancıDx; we provide our clients with innovative solutions in cyber security, advanced data analytics & marketing technologies, cloud & technology services and through the digital transformation products which we develop based on new generation technologies.

While contributing to the digitalization processes of Turkey's long-established corporations with our products and services, we moved our headquarters to the Netherlands. with the goal of becoming a global technology brand so that we are fully capable of managing our investments on a global scale. Our journey which started in Turkey continues as a digital-focused global technology company.

We aimed to spread our competencies to a wide range and geography through the investments we made in 2022. In this regard, we have acquired SEM, one of the leading data-oriented digital marketing companies in the sector, and Radiflow, one of the world's leading players in OT cyber security technologies. In addition, thanks to Sabancı Venture investment, we established a strategic partnership with Bulutistan, which provides its customers with hybrid cloud solutions such as data storage and cloud management.

As we keep evolving our path in a bolder way thanks to these acquisitions, we direct the digital transformation of companies with our digital SaaS products focused on areas such as human resources, purchasing, accounting and finance all of which we developed under the umbrella of StudioDx.

As a global portfolio company offering solutions to the companies in the digital and technology fields which they need in today’s competitive environment, we are excited and proud to create value for the technology sector and our clients in different geographies.

SEM Internet Advertising Services and Consulting Inc., audited by PWC Independent Auditing and Certified Public Accountant Joint Stock Company for 2022.